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Black History Museum FAQ

1. What is the Black History Museum - Silicon Valley?
The Black History Museum ('The Museum') is a collaborative venture to create a museum in San Jose to honor the Black Pioneers who helped build this community called 'The Silicon Valley', as well as the contributions of Black Americans in America throughout the development of this country. These Black Pioneers developed, designed and created technology to help make the Silicon Valley the great economic power it is today. Stories of the Black community need to be told and showcased so that Black youth (the next generation) understand that they can also contribute and must continue to contribute.
2. When did the project begin for the creation of The Museum?
This vision began to take shape in September, 2013, when the Joyner/Payne Youth Service Agency Inc. Board of Directors was discussing how very few people knew about all of the great Black leaders of the past and present and their contributions to the creation of Silicon Valley. The youth of today have no idea on whose shoulders they are standing. Knowing who the Black Pioneers are would be encouragement for them and for other races who have no knowledge of Black history in the community and Silicon Valley.
3. Why do we need to have a Black History Museum?
You don't know where you're going, if you don't know where you've been. The Black Pioneers of the Silicon Valley left footprints in technology, the community and in city government. If we do not tell their stories, who will?
4. What organizations are collaborating to develop The Museum?
Thereare currently three (3) Black, non-profit 501(c)(3) community service agencies that have united to serve as the Collaborative Committee. A Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") was signed on July 9, 2014 by these three agencies:
  • Joyner/Payne Youth Services Agency, Inc. ("J/PYSA") (aka "The Aquarius Project")
  • African American Community Service Agency ("AACSA")
  • Silicon Valley Black Chamber of Commerce ("SVBCC")
5. Why is the collaboration by these organizations important?
The collaboration by three of the oldest, Black, non-profit agencies in the Silicon Valley is a testament as to how important the development of a Black History Museum is to the community. This Collaborative Committee will take the lead for this historic undertaking, which will be a model for other local, non-profit organizations to follow.
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